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Short man who climbed a tree to see Jesus.
Priest who crowned Solomon.
Elijah stayed with a widow who lived here, and raised her son from the dead.
A member of a Jewish sect which fought against the Romans. One of Jesus' apostles was called this to distinguish him from the other Simon.
Any Z king who was defeated by Gideon.
Father of James and John.
One of the tribes of Israel.
The two most famous people with this name are a prophet who had a lot of visions and John the Baptist's father.
Last king of Judah before the Babylonian exile.
A man who died leaving only daughters. The legal case takes up the last chapter of Numbers and established women's right to own land.
Prophet who said that God would rejoice over his people with singing.
Leader of the first group of exiles to return to Jerusalem.
She had three sons in David's special forces.
King Saul's steward, who betrayed Saul's disabled son.
Leah's servant, who slept with Jacob and was the mother of Gad and Asher.
King of Israel for seven days, during which he massacred his predecessor's family, before being removed in a military coup by Omri.
The mountain on which Jerusalem stands.
Moses' wife.
Stringed instrument played in Daniel 3.
City where Lot sheltered from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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