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Can you answer these Bible trivia questions? All the answers begin with 'X'?

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Who married Esther?
Who tried to parade his wife, Vashti, to his nobles after having too much to drink?
Three of the Persian rulers mentioned in the Bible are commonly called 'The Great'. Cyrus and Darius are two, who is the third?
Which ruler promoted Haman to be his prime minister?
Which king issued an order to destroy the Jews?
Who allowed Mordecai to ride his horse and wear his clothes, later appointing him to the role of prime minister?
Which Persian ruler features prominently in the story of how Purim came to be celebrated?
Who ruled over 127 provinces 'from India to Cush?'
During the reign of which king of Persia did the enemies of Judah complain in Ezra 4:6?
What is in fact the only word in the Bible beginning with the letter 'X'?

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