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Can you answer these Bible trivia questions? All the answers begin with 'S'.

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The seventh day.
Jewish religious movement at the time of Jesus, centred on the Temple.
She won John the Baptist's head (on a plate) by dancing for her step-father.
Capital of the Northern Kingdom that
later became the capital
of a mixed-race area where many Jews
would not go, but Jesus did.
His final performance brought the house down.
Last of the Judges who appointed and was succeeded by the first of the kings.
The Jewish ruling council at the time of Jesus.
Ananias' wife who shared his crime and his fate.
Abraham's wife.
His name means 'the accuser'.
The first King of Israel, who was appointed by and succeeded the last of the Judges.
King of Assyria who invaded Judah in 2 Kings 18-19 but was defeated by an angel.
One of Daniel's friends who was thrown into the firey furnace.
Judge who 'who struck down six hundred Philistines with an ox-goad.'
Zerubbabel's father.
Town where Jacob bought some land
and built a well, which Jesus later visited.
Noah's eldest son.
Word which Jephthah asked people to say to tell which side they were on in a nasty civil war. (Judges 12)
Where the Tabernacle was from Joshua until
1 Samuel 4. Eli was priest there.
Canaanite city often paired with Tyre.
Christian from Jerusalem who Paul met in Acts 15 and who later accompanied him on some of his missionary journeys.
One of the tribes of Israel.
Peter's original name.
Mountain where God gave the 10 Commandments.
'Commander of the armies of Canaan' who was assassinated by a woman with a tent peg.
Location of one of the Seven Churches in Revelation. (2 possible)
City famous for its pride and sin which God destroyed in Genesis 19.
Son of David, King of Israel.
Paul's hoped-for destination in his letter to the Romans.
First Christian martyr (Acts 6).

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