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Can you answer these Bible trivia questions? All the answers begin with 'M'.

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Paul had a vision of a man from here begging him to come over.
The only bit of the Promised Land that Abraham owned was the cave of _____.
One of the women who followed Jesus was called this - it probably means 'from Magdala'.
Allied with Gog, one of the (probably symbolic) final enemies of God's people.
Isaiah was told to give this name to his son in Isaiah 8.
Possibly anonymous prophet in the Old Testament - his name just means 'my messenger'.
Servant of the high priest. Peter cut his ear off; Jesus healed it.
Island where Paul was shipwrecked on his way to Rome.
'You cannot serve both God and _____'
Grandson of Jacob; a tribe was named after him.
One of the very few bits of Aramaic in the New Testament - a prayer meaning 'Come, O Lord.'
Cousin of Barnabas, thought to be the author of the Second Gospel.
Sister of Lazarus who was too busy to listen to Jesus.
Jesus' mother.
Place in the desert where the Israelites tested God.
A man who was chosen by lot to be the replacement for Judas Iscariot (Acts 1).
Tax-collector who penned a gospel.
'King of Salem and priest of God Most High'
Disabled grandson of King Saul who King David treated like one of his own sons.
One of Daniel's Jewish friends in Babylon.
Hebrew word which roughly translates as 'anointed king'.
Area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers which was the birthplace of the Assyrian and Babylonian civilisations.
Old Testament prophet who said the Christ would come from Bethlehem.
Archangel often depicted as leading heaven's armies.
Aaron's sister, who was cursed for being racist (Numbers 12).
Nation which neighboured Israel, descended from Lot.
'The detestable god of the Ammonites.'
Esther's cousin, who raised her after her parents died and later helped to rule Persia.
Leader whom God called to lead the people out of slavery in Egypt.
One of the gifts the magi brought to Jesus.

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