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Can you answer these Bible trivia questions? All the answers begin with 'L'.

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Jacob's father-in-law (twice).
Seventh-in-line from Adam via Cain who killed a man for injuring him and is the first recorded polygamist.
Book written as a reaction to the destruction of Jerusalem.
City to which Jesus said that he stood at the door and knocked.
Jesus raised this man from the dead in John 11; his sisters were Mary and Martha.
Jacob's first wife; 'the girl nobody wanted'.
Neighbour and sometime ally of Israel; famous for its cedar trees.
Author of Proverbs 31 - an otherwise unknown king.
Son of Jacob, ancestor of priests.
Monster who appears in Job, Psalms and Isaiah - possibly a figure from Canaanite mythology.
Book largely consisting of rules for priests.
North African country mentioned 7 times in the Bible, usually as an ally of Egypt.
A man who lived in Rome and who Paul knew (2 Tim 4:21) - legend says he was the second Pope.
Original names given to Hosea's second or third child, meaning 'not loved' and 'not my people'.
Abraham's nephew, who lived in Sodom.
'_____ covers over a multitude of sins.' 1 Peter 4:8
Name meaning 'light bringer', believed to refer to the devil.
Greek doctor; a friend of Paul's who wrote more of the Bible than Paul did.
First Christian convert in Europe; a woman living in Philippi
One of the cities Paul visited in Acts 14; Timothy was originally from there.

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