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Isaiah 40:31 - 'They will soar on wings like _____.'
A famous stone set up in 1 Sam 7 to remember God's help to that point. More famously, used by Dickens as the first name of a main character.
His descendents were known as Hebrews.
Old testament book which discusses the futility of life under the sun.
Another name for the Wisdom of Sirach, an apocryphal book fusing Judaism and Greek philosophy.
Probably the most famous garden in history.
Nation descended from Jacob's brother.
Enormously fat king of Moab who came to a very messy end.
Nation which enslaved Jacob's descendants before they became too numerous.
Israelite assassin who killed the fat king of Moab.
David fought Goliath in the Valley of _____.
Second Israelite High Priest (under Joshua).
High Priest who mentored Samuel, but was not good at controlling his own sons.
David's oldest brother.
Job's fourth 'comforter', who God doesn't rebuke.
Prophet who confronted Ahab and the prophets of Baal.
An oasis in the Sinai desert, also a Pentecostal denomination.
Naomi's husband in the book of Ruth.
A Temanite who was friends with Job.
One of the main characters in 2 Kings - a prophet who anointed Jehu as king.
John the Baptist's mother.
Hebrew name for God.
A name used of Jesus meaning 'God with us'.
Two disciples met Jesus on the road to this town on Easter Day.
King Saul consulted a witch who lived in this town.
7th in line from Adam, who walked faithfully with God and then was no more.
Friend of Paul's who came from Philippi and who Paul sent back there with a letter.
Largest city in Asia Minor and recipient of two letters in the New Testament.
One of the tribes of Israel, named after one of Joseph's sons.
Jacob's brother.
A Jewish lady who became Queen of Persia.
A temple musician, who is credited with Psalm 89.
Major river which flows through Babylon.
Man who fell out of the window after dozing off during a sermon. Paul raised him from the dead.
Adam's wife.
'From _____ to _____, you are God.' Ps 90:2
Name given to the period when Jerusalem was conquered by Babylon and many Israelites were deported.
The name given to the series of events during which Israel left Egypt.
Priest who became a prophet in Babylon.
Scribe who had devoted himself to study and teach the law, and was a major figure in the re-establishment of Jerusalem.

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