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Can you answer these questions about the Bible? All the answers begin with the letter 'C'.

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First murderer.
One of the two good scouts in Numbers 13-14. Later conquers Hebron at the age of 85.
Another name for Golgotha.
Location of Jesus' first miracle, and hometown of Nathanael.
Grandson of Noah, after whom a region was named.
Where Jesus lived after Nazareth (Mt 4:13). It was also a base for his ministry.
Mountain where Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal.
Roman army officer, in charge of around 100 men. All the ones in the Bible seem honourable.
Aramaic version of the name 'Peter'.
The detestable god of Moab.
Temple guardian monster, sometimes confused with baby angel.
Greek title roughly meaning 'anointed king'.
Name first used for Jesus' followers in Antioch.
QuestionC Answer
Books telling the history of the Israelite monarchy from the point of view of the temple.
He met Jesus on the Road to Emmaus.
What Peter heard just before he wept bitterly.
City in Asia Minor to which Paul wrote a letter, despite never having visited.
Major city in Greece with a prominent Temple of Aphrodite. Paul was there in AD51.
Roman army officer baptised in Acts 10.
Where Paul left Titus.
What the mob shouted at Jesus' trial.
Ancient country in the region of Ethiopia / Sudan, associated with dark-coloured skin.
First major destination on Paul's first missionary journey. Barnabas was originally from there.
Simon from this town helped Jesus carry his cross.
Emperor of Persia who allowed the Jews to rebuild the temple.

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