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Who was Moses' brother and the first High Priest of Israel?
What is the aramaic word for 'Father' / 'Daddy', which was widely used to address God in the early church?
Name one of Daniel's friends who was thrown into the firey furnace.
Who was the first murder victim in the Bible?
One of the High Priests under King David.
Wife of Nabal, then of David.
Son of Aaron who was killed for approaching God wrongly.
Grandson of Solomon and King of Judah, who tries to reunite Israel in 2 Chronicles 13.
Meaning 'My Father is King', this is a name used by various kings of Philisita, Gerar and Shechem.
Brother of Joab and one of David's special forces.
Commander of King Saul's army.
Was called by God to leave his country, his people and his father's home and travel to a land he did not know...
But God gave him the name ____ because he would be the father of many nations.
Son of David who murdered his brother and led a rebellion against his father.
Israelite who was killed for stealing plunder from Jericho.
Luke's history of the early church.
First man.
King who tries Paul in Acts 25-26.
Evil king of Israel who is opposed by Elijah.
Evil king of Judah who was confronted by Isaiah.
Two nearly-contemporary kings, one of Israel, one of Judah, both descended from Omri, share this name.
Second city to be conquered in the Promised Land.
Word meaning 'Praise the Lord'.
Nation descended from Esau who were sworn enemies of the Israelites.
King of Judah who foolishly challenged King Jehoash of Israel.
Son of David who raped his sister and was murdered by his brother.
King of Judah - son of Manasseh and father of Josiah.
Shepherd, tender of sycamore-fig trees, called to be a prophet.
(Possibly legendary) ancestor of extra-tall Canaanites.
One of the first disciples, who invited his brother Simon to meet Jesus.
One of the High Priests at the time of Jesus.
City where Paul and Barnabas were leaders of the church.
Learned Jewish Christian preacher, friend of Paul.
Jewish tentmaker, husband to Priscilla and friend to Paul.
Mountain range where Noah's Ark came to rest.
Mars Hill in Athens, where Paul preached to the philosophers.
A man called Joseph, who buried Jesus, came from this town.
Holy box built to hold the 10 Commandments.
'Mountain of Megiddo' - location of the final battle in Revelation.
King of Persia whom Nehemiah served as cupbearer.
Great-grandson of Solomon and King of Judah, who served God faithfully.
Director of music under King David, and author of a number of Psalms.
One of the twelve tribes of Israel
Canaanite mother-goddess.
One of the Philistine cities.
Peninsula making up most of modern Turkey, often visited by Paul.
Empire that destroyed the Northern Kingdom in 722 BC.
Notorious queen of Judah, who murdered most of her own family.
Greek city visited by Paul in Acts 17.
Roman Emperor at the time of Jesus' birth.

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