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Canaanite god of thunder and fertility.
Evil king of the northern kingdom who fought against Asa.
City where people tried to build a tower to heaven in Genesis 11.
Captial city of an empire that conquered Israel.
Prophet who was famously told off by a talking donkey.
King of Moab who hired the man with the talking donkey to curse Israel.
Prisoner whom Pilate released instead of Jesus.
Military leader and friend of Deborah.
Sorceror and false prophet on Cyprus, who comes into conflict with Paul.
A leader of the church in Antioch, later a missionary and friend of Paul.
One of the 12 apostles.
Jeremiah's scribe, and a book in the Apocrypha.
'Iron Man' - a rich Gileadite who helped David.
Og's kingdom, famous for cattle.
Wife of Uriah, and later of David.
'Lord of the flies' - name used for the devil.
City in the Negev, often regarded as the southernmost inhabited part of the Promised Land.
Giant marsh-dwelling beast in Job.
Last King of Babylon who lost his kingdom during a lavish feast.
Babylonian name given to Daniel.
Youngest son of Jacob.
Wife of King Agrippa, who interviews Paul.
Home village of Mary, Martha and Lazarus.
Home town of the clan of Elimelech, including Jesse's family.
Village on the Mount of Olives, only mentioned in connection with Jesus' Triumphal Entry
Village in Galilee, hometown of Philip, but which ultimately rejected Jesus.
Name of blessing given to Israel in Isaiah 62. Literally means 'married'.
Rachel's servant, who becomes Jacob's mistress.
'Sons of Thunder' - nickname for James and John
Ruth's second husband.

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