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Forced Order
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I've packed a cooler and a set of clothes
Up in the mornin I'll be your coffee cup
Friday, payday, Lordy got to get away
Well I heard [title] had lots of wives
I got miles of trouble spreadin' far and wide
What if I said yes
Missed my alarm clock ringing
Is it the face of a child?
My momma mapped out the road that knows
Absolutely no one who knows me better
Warm breeze blowin', long dirt road
We drove all night to get to Corpus Christi
They say in this town, stars stay up all night,
I've been sittin' here starin' at the clock on the wall
Fifteen minutes left to throw me together
All the lonely people cryin'
I don't wanna get up baby, let's turn off the phone
Feels like I'm flying
Today is my birthday
It ain't often I take time to answer calls on the request line

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