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Japanese IdiomEnglish Idiom
An evil act runs a thousand miles
The early riser has seven gains
Tomorrow blows tomorrow's wind
People suffering from the same disease have mutual sympathy
Spilt water never returns to the tray
Obey the customs of the place where you are
Clams are not obtainable from the field
When hungry, all tastes delicious
Where there is no fire, there is no smoke
Man cannot be told by looks
Consult anyone, even if it be your own knees
Sanitation first, medicine next
Single effort, double gain
One stitch now is worth ten stitches afterwards
In haste, one goes in a circle
Easy to say, hard to do
Snakes follow the way of serpents
Not to say is better than to say
Japanese IdiomEnglish Idiom
Water on a frog's face
Wealth makes a fool a master
Bring up your beloved children with a stick
Love is beyond consideration
Waiting brings a happy day
A blind man peeps through a fence
Don't complain about a gift
Gold coins to a cat
An able hawk hides its claws
A luxurious life never lasts long
The day on which a resolution is made is the best day to execute it
One gets no curse from the god that has not been touched
Too many boatmen bring a boat up the mountain
The dead have no mouths
It is the capital where you live
Relatives are better than strangers
It is dark at the foot of a lighthouse

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