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What year is future Ted Mosby telling his children the story?
What sport did the Eriksen men invent?
What game do Robin and Barney both claim to have never lost at?
Ted has been vomit free since?
What color french horn does Ted steal for Robin?
What did lily sit in when she ruined an $8000 wedding dress?
Suit ______?
What is Teds middle name?
What school did Lilys ex-boyfriend Scooter get in to?
Which dating law did Barney invent?
What do Barney and Marshall call drinking beer on the roof at work?
Barney beleived his father was who?
What was the real name of the Naked Man?
Which neighborhood do Marshall and Lily buy their first house in?
How big in inches is the tv in Barneys Apartment?
What is Teds mysterious radio name?
What name does Marshall use on the skee-ball high score table?
In season one what Tv channel does Robin Work at?
In season seven which news show does Robin become co-anchor of?
What was Robins teen pop star name?
What type of car did Marshall own?
What was the name of Robins childhood dog?
What did Robins childhood dog turn into?
What creature did Marshall and Lily discover in their apartment?
What is the name of the bar that Barney and Ted open?
Which hotel had to be torn down so the new GNB headquarters could be built?
Which national holiday did Barney invent, Held each year on February 13th?
What song does Marshall sing after slapping Barney?
What is Ted's mothers name?
Which strip club does Barney go to?

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