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Who holds the records for both the most votes received in a season and most challenges won in two seasons?
Who did Gary vote for in the tribal council where Bobby Jon voted for Stephenie?
Who is the first person to cast a vote which Jeff did not understand?
Who was the first person voted out of Guatemala?
Who voted for Katie (or against Tom) at the final tribal council in Palau?
Name either male contestant who has been voted out by a plurality (i.e. less than half of the total countable votes)?
Other than the person eliminated, who voted in the minority of a 10-2 vote in Nicaragua?
Who is the only female to be the first eliminated immediately after the merge in seasons 2-14?
Who other than Bill Posley (from One World), was voted out after their tribe gave up immunity to the opposing tribe?
Who is voted out in the episode where Ami votes for Cirie?
Who was the only person on Marquesas to never receive a vote?
Who is the only person to receive exactly one vote at 5 consecutive tribal councils?
Who is the only castaway to wear a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple buff at some point?
In which season did some castaways live at Isla Hermita for a brief stint?
Who is the only person to be eliminated in a tribal council where 7 different people received votes?
Name a contestant who was born in the 1930s.
Who is the only man to win final immunity in seasons 15-20 other than Russell?
Who is the only woman to win final immunity in seasons 13-22 other than Amanda?
Who was the oldest woman on Survivor: Cook Islands?
Who was the only contestant from Blood vs. Water to be eliminated as a direct result of a revote?

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