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Letter and HintAnswer
A- Dumbledore's Brother
B- Slytherin's Monster
C- One of the Three Brothers
D- One of the Chasers during Harry's 6th Year
E- A Charm to Make Soemthing Larger
F- The Hogwarts Charms Professor
G- The Founder of Gryffindor House
H- Rowena Ravenclaw's Daughter (The Grey Lady)
I- The Original Owner of The Invisibility Cloak(Possibly Harry's Distant Relative)
J- The Surnmae of a Woman Who Was Murdered by Voldemort in Book Four
K- The Temporary Minister of Magic at the End of the Deathly Hallows
L- Ron's Girlfriend In The Half-Blood Prince
M- The Son of Marvolo Gaunt and the Brother of Merope Gaunt
Letter and HintAnswer
N- This Snake's Venom Prevents Wounds from Healing Even By Magical Means
O- A Cursed Necklace Found in Borgin&Burkes (used in the Half Blood Prince)
P- A Potion That Can Be Used To Assume the Physical Identity of a Person
Q- Harry's Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor During First Year
R- Remus Lupin's PotterWatch code name
S- Severus Snape's Child-Hood Neighborhood
T- Voldemort's Child-Hood Name
U- This Creature's Blood is Silver....
V- Fleur Delacour is one quarter......
W- Barty Crouch's House Elf
X- Luna Lovegood's Father
Y- Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement During Voldemort's Control of The British Ministry of Magic
Z- The Last Name of a Slytherin

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