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Can you name the Star Trek TOS Episodes - by the Guest Star(s) Listed?

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SeasonEpisode TitleGuest Star(s)
Pilot Susan Oliver, John Hoyt
1Gary Lockwood, Sally Kellerman
1Anthony Call, Clint Howard
1Roger C. Carmel, Maggie Thrett
1Ed Goodwin, Garland Thompson
1Alfred Ryder, Jeanne Bal
1Stewart Moss, Bruce Hyde
1Robert Walker, Jr., Abraham Sofaer
1Mark Lenard, Paul Comi, John Walburton
1Sherry Jackson, Michael Srong, Ted Cassidy
1James Gregory, Marianna Hill, Morgan Woodward
1Kim Darby, Michael J Pollard
1Arnold Moss, Barbara Anderson
1Don Marshall, John Crawford
1Percy Rodrigues, Elisha Cook, Jr, Joan Marshall
1Malachi Thorne
1Bruce Mars, Emily Banks, Perry Lopez, Oliver McGowan
1William Campbell
1Grant Woods, Carole Sheyne
1Robert Brown, Janet MacLachlan
1Roger Perry, Ed Peck
1Harry Townes, Jon Lormer, Char;es MacCauley
1David Opatoshu, Gene Lyons
1Ricardo Montalban, Madlyn Rhue
1Jill Ireland, Frank Overton
1Ken Lynch, Barry Russo
1John Colicos, John Abbott
SeasonEpisode TitleGuest Star(s)
1 Joan Collins
1Joan Swift
2Anoinette Bower, Theo Marcuse
2Elinor Donahue, Glen Corbett
2Julie Newmar, Tige Andrews
2Michael Forest, Leslie Parrish
2Arlene Martel, Celia Lovesy, Lawrence Montaigne
2William Windom, Elizabeth Rogers
2John Fieldler, Charles McCauley
2Vic Perrin (voice)
2Keith Andes, David Soul, Celeste Yarnell
2Barbara Luna, Vic Perrin
2Charles Drake, Sarah Marshall
2Roger C. Carmel, Richard Tatro
2William Campbell, Stanley Adams, William Schallert, Michael Pataki
2Logan Ramsey, Ian Wolfe, Rhodes Reason
2Mark Lenard, Jane Wyatee, Reggie Nadler
2Nancy Kovack, Michael Witney
2Angelique Pettyjohn, Josheph Galt
2Stephan Brooks
2 No Guest Stars
2Anthony Caruso, Vic Tayback
2Warren Stevens, Barbara Bouchet
2Diana Muldaur
2Skip Homeir,David Brian
2`William Marshall, Barry Russo
2Morgan Woodward, Roy Jensen
SeasonEpisode TitleGuest Star(s)
2Robert Lansing, Terri Garr
3Ron Soble, Rex Holman
3France Nuyen, Jay Robinson
3Sabrina Scharf, Rudy Solari
3 Joanne Linville, Robert Donner
3Craig Hundley, Melvin Belli
3Marj Dusay
3Diana Muldaur, David Frankham
3Kathryn Hays,
3No Guest Stars
3Katherine Woodville, Jon Lormer
3Michael Ansara, Susan Howard
3Michael Dunn, Barbara Babcock
3Kathie Brown, Geoffrey Binney
3Lee Meriwether, Arthur Batanides
3Frank Gorshin, Lou Antonio
3Steve Inhat, Yvonne Craig
3Sharon Acker, David Hurst
3Jan Shutan
3Jeff Corey, Diana Ewing, Fred Williamson
3Skip Homeier, Charles Napier
3James Daly, Louise Sorel
3Lee Bergere, Barry Atwater
3Mariette Hartley, Ian Wolfe
3Sandra Smith, Harry Landers

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