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Forced Order
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In the season 2 premier what type of church did the group enter?
What part of the brain does the disease reanimate?
One of the names the characters refer to the zombies as:
Daryl's weapon of choice
In his standoff with Merle, Rick referred to himself as Officer ______
What's the name of the officer that Rick shoots outside the police station?
Jenner compares the zombifying disease to what other illness?
Which character used to deliver pizza?
Which character dies and returns as a walker in Season 1?
Name either the father or son Rick runs into after waking up from the hospital
When Rick is leaving the hospital what is written on the door of the secured room?
Who is the leader of the survivors hiding out in a nursing home?
According to Jenner, scientists of this nationality held out the longest
Who said, 'That sound you hear? That's God laughing while you make plans.'
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