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Can you name the titles from Danny Peary's Cult Movies (1981)?

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Werner Herzog1972
Joseph L. Mankiewicz1950
Jed Johnson1977
Terence Malick1976
Jean Cocteau1946
Frederick de Cordova1951
Jim and Art Mitchell1972
Russ Meyer1970
T. C. Frank1971
Mario Bava1960
David Cronenberg1979
Gillo Pontecorvo1970
Jonathan Demme1974
Michael Curtiz1972
Orson Welles1941
Michael Reeves1968
Dorothy Arzner1940
Jerzy Skolimowski1971
Edgar J. Ulmer1946
Leo McCarey1933
Alexandro Jodorowsky1971
Just Jaeckin1974
Robert Clouse1973
David Lynch1978
Walt Disney (producer)1940
Fred McLeod Wilcox1956
Abraham Polonsky1948
Lloyd Bacon1933
Tod Browning1932
Frank Tashlin 1956
Brian de Palma1968
Joseph H. Lewis1949
John Carpenter1978
Richard Lester1964
Perry Henzel1973
Hal Ashby1971
Leonard Kastle1970
Andre de Toth1953
Gene Fowler Jr.1958
Jacques Tourneur1943
Don Siegel1956
Norman Z. McLeod1934
Frank Capra1946
Don Chaffey1963
Nicholas Ray1954
Stanley Kubrick1956
Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack (uncredited)1933
Philippe de Broca1967
Robert Aldrich1955
Eduard Molinaro1979
Howard Hawks1955
Otto Preminger1944
Roger Corman1960
Max Ophuls1955
Robert Altman1973
George Miller1979
John Huston1941
Anthony Mann1958
George A. Romero1968
Jerry Lewis1963
Sergio Leone1969
Jacques Tourneur1947
Richard Benner1977
G. W. Pabst1929
Michael Powell1960
Donald Cammell & Nicolas Roeg1970
Richard Lester1968
John Waters1973
Edward D. Wood Jr.1956
Noel Black1968
Mel Brooks1968
Francis Ford Coppola1969
Nicholas Ray1955
Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger1948
Louis Gasnier1936
Howard Hawks1958
Allan Arkush1979
Jim Sharman1975
Josef von Sternberg1934
John Ford1956
Samuel Fuller1963
Monte Hellman1967
Gene Kelly & Stanley Donen1952
Billy Wilder1950
George Cukor1936
Budd Boetticher1957
Peter Bogdanovich1968
Cedric Gibbons1934
Tobe Hooper1974
Mark Sandrich1935
Paul Morrisey1970
Stanley Donen1967
Monte Hellman1971
Stanley Kubrick1968
Lou Adler1978
Alfred Hitchcock1958
Walter Hill1979
Carl Reiner1970
Sam Peckinpah1969
Victor Fleming1939

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