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Second color film to win Best Picture
Second actor to get 9 nominations
Second woman to win Best Actress for her film debut
Second film to win 3 acting Oscars
Second actor/actress to win an award in a non-acting category as well as an acting category
Second actor/actress to be nominated posthumously
Second shortest performance to win Best Actor (name the actor)
Second actor/actress to win for a performance in a foreign language
Second actor/actress to win for a non-speaking performance
Second acting winner to decline the award
Second sound film to win Best Picture
Second actor to win in a performance directed by himself
Second actor/actress to be nominated for Best and Supporting in the same year
Second African-American to win an acting Oscar
Second actor/actress to win 2 years in a row
Second winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature to be nominated for a screenplay
Second picture to get 11 nominations with no wins
Second actress to be nominated 5 years in a row
Second director to be nominated for 2 pictures the same year
Second youngest winner of acting award
Second oldest winner of acting award

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