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Marth's dad; betrayed by Gra in battle 
Marth's mom; kidnapped by Dohlr 
Sheena's dad, cowardly king of Gra 
Caeda's dad; king of Talys 
Tiki's mom, leader of Divine Dragons 
Tiki's adoptive guardian; a manakete 
Linde's dad; inheritor of Aura 
Yuliya and Jubelo's dad, late king of Grust 
Malice's dad; his gambling addiction is quite severe 
Celica and Conrad's dad; the late king of Zofia 
Celica's mom; one of Lima's many wives 
Alm's father; the emperor of Rigel 
Sonya, Marla and Hestia's dad; high priest of the Duma Faithful 
Sigurd and Ethlyn's dad; Duke of Chalphy 
Seliph's dad; prince of Chalphy, uses Tyrfing in battle 
Leif and Altena's mom; Sigurd's sister 
Quan's dad; king of Leonster 
Quan's mom; queen of Leonster 
Leif and Altena's dad; prince of Leonster 
Arion's dad and Altena's adoptive dad; usurper king of Thracia and Leonster 
Brigid, Edain and Andorey's dad; duke of Jungby 
Lester and Lana's mom; heir of Jungby 
Febail and Patty's mom, Mareeta's adoptive mom; Edain's sister and former pirate 
Scipio's dad; slays his father to gain control of Jungby 
Arvis and Azelle's dad; duke of Velthomer 
Julia, Julius and Saias' dad; wielder of Valflame 
Aida's dad; protects Saias from the Loptyrian sect 
Saias' mom; Arvis' mistress and most trusted assistant 
Kurth's dad; king of Grannvale 
Deirdre's dad; prince of Grannvale 
Deirdre's mom; a descendant of Saint Maera 
Seliph, Julia and Julius' mom; inheritor of Naga and Loptous blood 
Diarmuid and Nanna's mom; princess of Nordion 
Ares' dad; commander of the Cross Knights 
Ares' mom; blames her husband's death on Sigurd 
Chagall's dad; former ruler of Agustria 
Ayra and Mariccle's dad; king of Isaach 
Ulster and Larcei's mom; princess of Isaach 
Shannan's dad; prince of Isaach 
Diarmuid's most likey dad; a mercenary from Conote 
Lewyn's mother; queen of Silesse 
Ced and Fee's dad; prince of Silesse 
Ced and Fee's mom; one of the Angelic Pegasus Knights of Silesse 
Misha's mom; an Angelic Knight who betrayed Silesse 
Tailtiu, Bloom and Ethnia's dad; duke of Friege and wielder of Mjolnir 
Tine and Arthur's mom; a noble of House Friege 
Amid and Linda's mom; daughter of House Friege 
Ishtore and Ishtar's dad; duke of Friege after his father's passing 
Ishtar and Ishtore's mom; supports child hunts and is wickedly evil 
Lex and Danann's dad; duke of Dozel, wielder of Helswath 
Iuchar, Iucharba and Brian's dad; usurper king of Isaach 
Lene and Coirpre's mom; a traveling dancer 
Coirpre's adoptive dad; a Thracian general 
Jeanne and Tristan's dad; a knight of Nordion 
Jamke, CImbaeth and Munnir's dad; ruler of Verdane 
Elliot's dad; lord of Heirhein castle 
Tanya's dad; leader of the Mount Violdrake bandits 
Murphy's dad; looking to end the child hunts 
Selfina's dad; one of Leif's tacticians 
Mareeta's biological dad; prince of the former kingdom of Rivough 
Miranda's mom; heils from the kingdom of Alster 
Eliwood's dad; the previous marquess of Pherae who set off on a journey 
Eliwood's mom; concerned over the fate of her husband and son 
Roy's father; kind-hearted marquess of Pherae 
Wolt's mom; a former village maiden  
Lugh and Raigh's liekly mom; a former member of the Black Fang 
Klein and Clarine's dad; former Mage General of Etruria 
Clarine and Klein's mom; a wise bow wielder 
Rath's dad; leader of the Kutolah clan 
Sue's dad; a silent and reserved archer from the Kutolah tribe 
Lilina's dad; proud leader of Ostia 
Fir's dad; a proud warrior and prouder father 
Fir's mom; Sacaean swordmaster who fell to illness  
Igrene's father; a warrior of the desert 
Canas' mom; a mountain hermit in Ilia 
Hugh's dad; a scholarly dark mage 
Erik's dad; marquess of Laus tempted with power 
Guinivere and Zephiel's dad; the king of Bern who attempts his son's life 
Zephiel's mom; the queen of Bern who wishes to protect her son from her husband 
Ninian and Nils' dad; creator of morphs driven mad by dark magic 
Ninian and Nils' mom; an ice dragon 
Lloyd and Linus' dad; leader of the Black Fang 
Ephraim and Eirika's dad; kind but strong ruler of Renais, betrayed by Grado 
Lyon's dad; ruler of Grado who dies suddenly and is controlled by necromancy 
Innes and Tana's dad; Sage King of Frelia 
Joshua's mom; queen of Jehanna 
Ross' dad; a former warrior of Renais' army 
Amelia's mom; they were separated long ago 
Myrrh's adoptive dad; the Great Dragon who guards the Black Temple 
Ike and Mist's dad; the leader of a mercenary group of his namesake 
Ike and Mist's mom; a kind, caring woman who could hold Lehran's medallion 
Elincia's dad; the former king of Crimea who was slain during Daein's invasion 
Meg's dad; a farmer from rural Crimea 
Amy's adoptive mom; a proud fire mage 
Amy's adoptive dad; a berserker who puts down his axe after a severe injury 
Jill's dad; a wyvern lord from Begnion who defered to Daein 
Soren's dad; the late Mad King of Daein 
Fiona's dad; one of the original Four Riders of Daein 
Reyson, Leanne and Rafiel's dad; the Heron King who is forever bedridden after the Serenes Forest Massacre 
Kurthnaga, Almedha and Rajaion's dad; the king of Goldoa who attempts to remain isolated from the rest of Tellius 
Soren's mom and Pelleas' adoptive mom; a dragon laguz who wants only to be reunited with her son 
Meshua's dad; the original heron who grew disgusted by the world 
Meshua's mom; the ancestor of the beorc who wielded both Ragnell and Alondite 
Morgan's parent, Ylisse's wise tactician  
Lucina's dad; the prince and later Exalt of Ylisse 
Owain's mom; the princess of Ylisse 
Laurent's mom; a studious mage 
Kjelle's mom; a proud female cavalier 
Cynthia's mom; a clumbsy pegasus knight 
Brady's mom; a proper noblewoman insistant on spreading good manners 
Yarne's mom; the last taguel, proud of her race 
Severa's mom; a very talented woman who longs for one man 
Nah's mom; a young manakete like super young like maybe too young to have kids 
Noire's mom; a sinister woman from Plegia 
Inigo's mom; a shy dancer 
Gerome's mom; hails from Roseanne and loves her wyvern, MInerva 
Robin's dad; the leader of the Grimleal cult 
Corrin and LIlith's dad; the Silent Dragon who went insane 
Corrin's mom and stepmother of Hoshid royals; the former queen of Hoshido 
Kana's parent; a Hoshidan noble raised in Nohr 
Azura's mom; former queen of Nohr from Valla 
Shigure's mom; a Nohrian songstress from Hoshido 
Dwyer's dad; Corrin's butler who is stern with others 
Sophie's dad; a knight from Nohr who's searched for Corrin for years 
Hoshido royals' dad; former king of Hoshido who was killed by Garon 
Hoshido royals' mom; first wife to Sumeragi 
Shiro's dad; high prince of Hoshido and wielder of Raijinto 
Kiragi's dad; wielder of the Fujin Yumi and many feelings of betrayal 
Saizo and Kaze's dad; the 4th to don this name (passed onto his son), killed by Kotaro 
Asugi's dad; hotheaded ninja 
Midori's dad; a ninja with a calm and collected demeanour 
Hisame's dad; an immature samurai who means well 
Mitama's dad; a pessimistic monk who loves mocking others 
Caeldori's dad; a braggadocious perfectionist 
Rhajat's dad; a young, up and coming diviner 
Selkie's dad; a kitsune with an eager attitude 
Nohr royals' dad and Corrin's adoptive dad; a fair king turned evil by Anankos 
Xander's mom; first queen of Nohr 
Siegbert's dad; crown prince of Nohr with a strong sense of honour 
Forrest's dad; prince of Nohr and a studious mage 
Soleil's dad; a former dancer from another realm 
Ophelia's dad; a dark mage with a very theatrical personality 
Nina's dad; a former thief with a ditry tongue 
Percy's dad; seeks to bring justice, has awful luck 
Velouria's dad, a wolfskin, acts like one 
Ignatius's dad; a quiet guard with a scary demeanour 
Flora and Felicia's dad; leader of the Ice Tribe 
Byleth's dad; a mercenary and former knight of Seiros 
Ashe's adoptive dad; a noble of Faergus 
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