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What is Mami's secret for perfect hair curls?
What name was Charlotte given in Rebellion?
What fairy tale was Oktavia based on?
What is the name of Kyoko's witch?
What was Kyoko's dad's profession?
Who killed Momo?
What item is often referred to as a witch's egg?
What type of flowers surround Homura when she realizes she's a witch?
Where is Kyoko from?
Name a historical figure said to be a magical girl.
Name the law that states that all magical girls perish before they become witches.
What memento did Madoka give Homura to remember her by?
What force gives magical girls their potential power, according to Kyubey?
Who killed Mami in the third timeline?
Name a type of food that Kyoko has offered to someone.
What witch is more powerful than Walpurgisnacht?
Why was Homura able to witness the universe being rewritten?
What is Ultimate Madoka's theme? (romaji)
What is the title of the manga spinoff that focuses on Mami and Kyoko?
Who did Homura hate hurting the most out of the magical girls (according to Homura)?
Who composed most of the music for PMMM's soundtrack?
What song plays during the second half of the battle against Homulily?
What would Madoka's mom wish for if Kyubey approached her?
What is Sayaka's magical ability?
Who gave Kyubey the idea to keep a soul gem in isolation?
What did Kyosuke's father keep safe for Kyosuke?
Why couldn't Kyosuke go on a date with Hitomi in Rebellion?
What did Mami suggest that Madoka wish for?
Who, besides Madoka and Sayaka, was sent into Homura's labyrinth to save her?
What weapon of Homura's did Sayaka object to in the third timeline?
What did Homura use to knock Kyoko back so she could freeze time?
What food does Madoka's teacher rant about in episode 1?
What sort of person does Oktavia target?
Who did Homura confront about Walpurgisnacht arriving?
Name a place that Mami says to check for witches.

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