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pieces of ice or hard snow laying on top of a run
a person standing in inconvenient places, staring, often wearing unstylish 80's clothing. painfully uncool.
the space found between the top of the goggles and the brim of the helmet. painfully uncool.
thick, wet, slushy snow. great for building snowmen, but difficult to ski in.
when you lose all your gear in a bad fall and it gets spread out all around the trail.
the guy operating the lift.
light, dry, fluffy, fresh snowfall. impossible to ski without having powder skis.
a snow boarder carving
an unskilled snowboarder trying to go down a black run.
a alternate term for a telemark skier
a young female skier more interested in posing for guys rather than skiing
the line that a ball would follow, if rolled down the trail.
during a jump, when you cross you skis behind the binding
during a jump, when you cross you skis in front of the binding. often combined with a back-scratcher
hard pack or ice. very difficult to ski on, is often skied down by sliding sideways (like a demented snowboarder)
walking up a hill by turning your toes out

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