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An alien who lives in the Smith housePilot
Steve's Jamaican friendFrancine's Flashback
Hebrew Economics ProfessorCamp Refoogee
Anne Rice Fan Club Member and 'licensed chiropractor or something'The American Dad After School Special
A college professor who taught one of Hayley's classesIced, Iced Babies
70's Record Producer and Disco InventorThe Best Christmas Story Never Told
A drummer who joined Steve's bandAmerican Dream Factory
Local Midday News AnchorA.T. the Abusive Terrestrial
Married a jewish woman in order to get a blenderAn Apocalypse to Remember
Stan's Persian WingmanWhen a Stan Loves a Woman
Con-Man and Realty PersonaI Can't Stan You
Bounty HunterJoint Custody
Actress and Lap DancerThe Vacation Goo
Detective, alongside WheelsHaylias
Poker PlayerThe 42-Year-Old Virgin
Known to Stan's mom as this Smith cousinOedipal Panties
Alien PhotographerOffice Spaceman
Harassable Office Worker Stanny Slickers II: The Legend of Ollie's Gold
Sexually Harassing Office WorkerStanny Slickers II: The Legend of Ollie's Gold
Spring Break HostSpring Breakup
AT&T Phone OperatorThe One That Got Away
Persona that took on a life of it's ownThe One That Got Away
Attended Chimdale Spa along with Hayley and FrancineChimdale
Porn ScreenwriterStan Time
Persona in Roger's first familyFamily Affair
Head of the Homeowner's AssociationRoy Rogers McFreely
Attorney at Law and Customer at Roger's BarJack's Back
Member of the Armenian MafiaJack's Back
French ManJack's Back
Bull FighterJack's Back
Raoul's Half Bull Son from the FutureJack's Back
Pool PlayerBar Mitzvah Hustle
Jewish Defense LawyerBar Mitzvah Hustle
Snot's long-lost relative from Alsace-Lorraine by way of MykonosBar Mitzvah Hustle
Winner of the Pie Baking CompetitionEvery Which Way But Lose
Buys Beer for MinorsDaddy Queerest
Competes with Hayley to find out who is more attractiveStan's Night Out
Young Child who allows the Smith family to pre-board a planeHome Adrone
Psychiatrist Man in the Moonbounce
Wedding PlannerShallow Vows
HitmanShallow Vows
GroupieMy Morning Straightjacket
Ex-Stripper and Pregnant WomanG String Circus
JockeyDon't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth
Poor Mother on WelfareA Jones for a Smith
Smith UncleA Jones for a Smith
Film DirectorMay the Best Stan Win
Miracle on Ice Hockey PlayerThe Return of the Bling
Goes shopping with FrancineCops and Roger
Legendary Firehouse PranksterCops and Roger
Native American Activist and Sex OffenderCops and Roger
Attends neighborhood pool party as Stan's brotherAn Incident at Owl Creek
Somalian Girl Adopted by Fake Lesbian Couple Francine and HayleyAn Incident at Owl Creek
Talent ManagerWhite Rice
Smith UncleThere Will Be Bad Blood
Factory owner in trouble with the lawThe People vs. Martin Sugar
Makes Gluten-Free DessertsThe People vs. Martin Sugar
Attends Jury DutyThe People vs. Martin Sugar
80's persona who won free tickets to a hotelFart-Break Hotel
Friends with Sara Blanch, Reccovering Alcoholic, Widower, Stage 2 DiabeticFart-Break Hotel
Acting CoachA Piñata Named Desire
Lead Actress in 'A Piñata Named Desire'A Piñata Named Desire
Safari Man who saves Stan's lifeYou Debt Your Life
Basketball Star Forward and Molester I Am the Walrus
Sexually Active High School SeniorI Am the Walrus
Transfer Student from the Poor Part of Santa BarbaraLicense to Till
Steve's Cousin and Snot's GirlfriendJenny Fromdabloc
Country SingerGorillas in the Mist
Caribbean Calypso DancerGorillas in the Mist
Most Charming and Irresistible PersonaThe Scarlett Getter
Super Positive AsianSeason's Beatings†
Country Club Owner Stanny Tendergrass
Only persona that Steve can't recognizeStanny Tendergrass
Stan's Wrestling Museum Tour GuideThe Wrestler
Russian Exchange Student and WrestlerThe Wrestler
Army SergeantDr. Klaustus
Creator of Ecstasy The Kidney Stays in the Picture
Japanese Subway MolestorRicky Spanish
The Worst Persona Roger Has Ever CreatedRicky Spanish
Gay man who's car broke down in front of Greg and Terry's house Toy Whorey
Old WidowKiller Vacation
Old ManKiller Vacation
Stan's StepdadAmerican Stepdad
Successful Archaeologist The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone and His Boy Jabari
Smith House MaidBlood Crieth Unto Heaven
Rich Friend of the Smith'sMax Jets
Son of Max JetsMax Jets
Rainbow Unicorn Gardens Daycare OwnerSteve and Snot's Test Tubular Adventure
Head Mistress at a Girl's Finishing SchoolSteve and Snot's Test Tubular Adventure
Fake ID MakerFaking Bad
News AnchorNews Glance with Genevieve Vavance

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