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Can you name the Homestar Runner songs from their lyrics?

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'Come on fhqwhgads, I see you jockin' me.'
'Coach Z, how come you don't dance no more?'
'Come to the place where tropical breezes blow'
'He'll do a twenty-minute hundred yard dash!'
'Riding in a Corvette, feelin' alright'
'Acrylics and yarn, rayons and knit'
'Strong Bad's got a master plan/To buy a custom conversion van'
'Holler For a Dollar!'
'Well they turned their tour bus into a space machine!'
'Buy All Our Playsets And Toys!'
'Get a leg up on the pile and refinance your dreams!'
'All the wonders Coach Z's been talkin' abrat'
'It's the best thing that you've ever seen, even better than your hot cousin!'
'There's a crazy world of e-mails in this crazy world'
'Come on everybody, it's Labor Day!'
'A bag of four grapes?'
'Homestar Runner, do your best/Homestar Runner, pass the test'
'Every time you're away/I put my lazors on stun!'
'Invite Crazy Uncle Edgar over, keep his eggnog spiked!'
'I don't know man, I wasn't stapled to any chicken!'
'I ain't even know whose song this is!'
'Cut off my head, stuff me with bread, go and suck your thumb!'
'Got these metalheads all up in my Stu G.O.'
'Who's always giving Strong Bad a hand?'
'All in favor, kill that raunch/Dansk! What's that staunch?'
'Ever and more, ever and more, ever and more!'
'We'll make some new friends and maybe get a bite to eat!'
'Coach Z's been drinking Listerine'
'Here comes the...'
'And The Cheat will hit stuff with a golf club'
'X-cuse me Mr. Trogdor/You've run out of luck'
'That charming little whatzit who's The Strong Man's greatest pal'
'The Cheat likes flaming layup drills'
'He works alone, except for when he works with Renaldo, which is all the time'
'The color of infinity inside an empty glass'
'You get French fries, and YOU get French fries, but YOU DON'T GET FRENCH FRIES!'
'He's got two brothers and The Cheat, his pet'
'You got the munch, the crisp and the crunch'
'You get egged you get egged you get egged!'
'And the King of Town would be underground in a box filled up with peas'
'Professional funky totally diggity-underdrawers'
'And I'll meet you at the arcade'
'Don't ask me why I said it/'Cause I already forgot'
'Seems like just yesterday we were settin' fire to Strong Sad's underwears'
'Got the heart of a lion/And the wings of a bat'
'Well, she was only twenty-seventeen'

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