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Bossy girl creates school club2006
Depressed teacher complains about society2007
Pirates travel from island to island2000
Children die repeatedly2006
Boy pilots robot, occasionally runs away1979
Boy pilots robot, occasionally runs away, unable to stop the impending apocalypse regardless1995
Space politics1988
Retarded girl pretends to be alien2011
Boy pilots small face which can connect with larger face to make double faced robot2007
Man attempts to overcome his crippling social anxiety2006
Everybody in the world plays childrens card games2000
Destitute trio takes on odd jobs and attempts to pay rent2006
Filthy sisters collect coins2010
Man in debt gets into even larger debt2007
Schoolgirls drink tea and eat cake2009
Model student finds notebook and becomes sociopath2006
Group of rich boys pander rich girls2006
Adverts with superpowers2011
Cram student finds computer on street2002
Actress hallucinates after filming rape scene1998

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