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What You Know, Something Good Can Work, Undercover Martyn
Islands, Crystalised, Fiction
New Slang, Simple Song, Spilt Needles
Wolf Like Me, Staring at the Sun, Family Tree
Silver and Cold, Days of the Phoenix, Miss Murder
O.N.E, 2080, Longevity
Song for Luna, In Case of Rapture, Ghost of York
Oblivion, Genesis, Infinite Love Without Fulfillment
Reflektor, Modern Man, Rebellion (Lies)
Bear, Two, I Don't Want Love
Forever Lost, Shining Through, All Is Violent All Is Bright
Pachuca Sunrise, Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse, The Fix
Auto Rock, I'm Jim Morrison I'm Dead, Hunted By A Freak
Baby Missiles, Best Night, Brothers
Atlas, Africastle, Futura
Black History Month, Romantic Rights, Blood on Our Hands
Skinny Love, Blood Bank, Holocene
It's My Life, Life's What You Make It, The Rainbow
7/4 (Shoreline), Sweetest Kill, Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl
Finally Moving, I Can See It In Your Face, Still Night
Last Train Home, Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast), Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja
Lazy Eye, Panic Switch, Melatonin
Breezeblocks, Tessellate, Bloodflood
Two Weeks, Yet Again, Knife
Helicopter, Banquet, Hunting for Witches
Bloodbuzz Ohio, I Should Live in Salt, Fake Empire
Olympic Airways, Spanish Sahara, Inhaler
Feel It All Around, It All Feels Right, Amor Fati
Heaven's on Fire, Never Follow Suit, It's Personal
Balance, Tin Man, Long Flight
One More Time, Derezzed, Get Lucky
Wildcat, Seventeen Years, Mirando
Feel Good Inc., Rhinestone Eyes, Clint Eastwood
Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here, Radio Protector, Crash Tactics
Things are Changin', Bright Lights, When My Train Pulls In
We Bros, Heavy Pop, T R I U M P H
Wakin on a Pretty Day, Runner Ups, Baby's Arms
The Ghost Inside, The High Road, Vaporize
Audacity of Huge, Cruel Intentions, I Believe
He Films the Clouds Pt. 2, Red Paper Lanterns, Not For Want of Trying
Don't Gotta Work it Out, Out of My League, MoneyGrabber
Belispeak, Fineshrine, Lofticries
Megalomaniac, Dig, Wish You Were Here
The Sun, So American, Modern Jesus
When I'm Small, Don't Move, Mouthful of Diamonds
Not In Love, Untrust Us, Baptism
Typical, Blood Pressure, Electrify
You Are The One, Le Disko, Starts With One
Agenda Suicide, Glass Danse, The Geeks Were Right
Stillness is the Move, Gun Has No Trigger, About To Die
Do, Make, A Tender History in Rust
Revival, Desire Lines, Neon Junkyard
Glass Jar, House Jam, MindKilla
Words, Sunflower, Especially Me
We Are Water, Die Slow, Crimewave
Hoppipolla, Gobbledigook, Staralfur
Sweet Disposition, Fader, Need Your Love
We Can Make the World Stop, Animus Vox, Drive It Like You Stole It
Holland 1945, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, Two-Headed Boy
Float On, Dashboard, Parting of the Sensory
The Look, She Wants, The Bay
How Long Have You Known, (Druun), Past Lives
The Taste of Ink, Pretty Handsome Awkward, All That I've Got
1979, Bullet with Butterfly Wings, Today

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