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Can you name the call of duty black ops guns?

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Forced Order
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Was 3 round burst but now is automatic
3 round burst and has a special low power scope
classified submachine gun
Bolt action sniper
is in almost every call of duty
last weapon you unlock
When packapuched it revives allies
was pump action but is now semi-automatic
classified LMG
Care package only weapon that appears in zombies
3 round burst but automatic in campaign
First SMG unlocked
Only LMG that has damage drop-off
redeeming value is the fastest scope reset speed, or centerspeed, of any sniper rifle
Only dual-wield shotgun
full-auto upgrade is an attachment for this gun
Lock on launcher
Shoots explosive bolts
A very popular weapon created by the Soviet Union
Gun with mostly the same stats as the gun above but with faster reload time
The most popular SMG
Starting LMG
Double barreled shotgun
pump action
Gun with the same name as a character from MW2
Free fire only
Free fire and lock on
Russian sniper
Sniper that also appeared in MW2
Semi-automatic weapon that is the only assault rifle with a grip
Semi-automatic weapon that was modded in MW2
First first automatic assault rifle unlocked that has 40 damage
Highest damage submachine gun
Submachine gun from Israel
Austrian assault rifle
First automatic assault rifle unlocked
Similar to the M1911
popular zombie weapon
Polish submachine gun
Chinese submachine gun
One of the popular submachine guns
Semi-automatic rocket launcher

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