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Which character did the actor Nestor Carbonell play?
Where was Jacob living by the time Flight 815 crashed on the island?
Which Dharma Initiative station did the tail-section survivors find?
Who originally invented the frozen wheel?
Who was Claire Littleton's brother?
In the pilot, where does Jack first gain consciousness?
In which season did the freighter, The Kahana, play a major role?
In the 1970s, where did Juliet Burke work for the Dharma Initiative?
What was LaFleur's real name?
Who was The Other working in the Flame at the time of the 815 crash?
Who wrote on his hand: 'NOT PENNY'S BOAT?'
Who finally shoots the MIB/Locke, killing him once and for all?
Driveshaft's one hit wonder was titled what?
What country did Benjamin Linus end up in after turning the frozen wheel?

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