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Forced Order
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“I’m like a polar bear”
“An interesting fact about me is…. I used to be in the Blazin’ squad as a kid.'
'I just don't like the geezer'
'It's just a little bit leave it'
'The majority of feminists believe in almost like a slope towards them and not men'
'She makes me a better version of myself'
'Our Prime Minister is a woman.'
'Actions speak louder than words'
'Clearly all those tears were fake'
'She’s got a lot of paper'
'28, feeling great'
'Don't tell me to slow down, you don't want to go down that motorway with me'
'There are five other lads in this villa for everyone. Every person in this place fancies me.”
'Hold the bus'
'I'm going to play a little game with her'
'Mike's my type to a tee'
'What I’m thinking is, breadstick, celery, carrot, change it up, see how you feel.'
'My head is gone'
'All anyone needs in life is to smile'
'Put all of my eggs into one basket.'
'Lady in the streets, freak in the streets'
'The game is still on'
'All I wanna do is protect you'
'I’m the fuckboy whisperer.”
'Jason Staythumb'
'Wise old owl me'
'I love you just the way you are'
'They are literally my type on paper.'
'What's the most common owl in Britain? Tea T'owl'
'We'll have to swap book recommendations'
'I get really distracted by fit boys'
'Garlicio, garlicio?'
'It might be a bit awkward with Amber'
'I'll never let anyone in again'
'I'm just glad I'm hosting'
'I'm not going to jump ship for someone who I don't know'
'I’m like an Easter egg which has been fridged for too many days- you won’t crack me.’’
'I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend'
'Karma has smacked Chris right in the face'
'I want there to be an option and for him to chose me'
'End of the day there’s humus, humus is down here on a bird, get the carrot, into the humus.'
'I'm falling in love with someone I've known for 10 days
'It's the Dick Sand'

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