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The girl who waited
The episode that starred 'Sally Sparrow'
Run you clever boy,and remember me. Who did 11 have to remember?
Actor who played 10
The episode where the Pope urges the Doctor to read the Veritas, which contains the deadly truth
The episode where Clara discovers a menace from another dimension while she is separated from the Doctor; with the Doctor trapped, Clara must defend against an enemy that exists be
The Doctor's home planet
The episode in series 3 where the Doctor has to find an unusual hiding place and turns himself into a human, with only Martha to look after him.
Reptile humanoids from Mars
Doctor to play the Master, when he was the Prime Minister
David Sutchet played a role in this episode.
Christmas episode featuring Nick Frost
The Masters female form
Matt Lucas' character
Alien that can develop 'red eye' and are born holding their brain.
The first episode staring Pearl Mackie as Bill
Monarch featured in 'Tooth and Claw'
What the doctor goes through each time he 'dies'
Doctor Who companion that had their own show on CBBC
Phrased used by the Tenth Doctor in Blink
Where Dr Yana plans to take the last of the humans to
Christmas episode featuring Kylie
Monsters that don't move when you are looking at them
David Tennat's Doctor (in roman numerals)
Played by Karen Gillian's niece
Metamorphic humanoids that featured in the 50th anniversary special

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