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Forced Order
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(Song title) she said, 'oh baby I feel so down'...Is This It?
(Song title) is what they would take when hard times opened their eyes...Is This It?
Whether you're in LA, sunny laid-back LA...B-sides
It was all just a dream, oh no...First Impressions of Earth
Ten decisions shape your life, you'll be aware of five about...B-sides
I'm tired of everyone I know, of everyone I see...First Impressions of Earth
I don't feel better when I'm ****' around...First Impressions of Earth
Up on a hill is where we begin this little story, a long time ago...Is This It?
Leave me alone, I'm in control, I'm in control...Is This It?
Sing me a song, you could be...First Impressions of Earth
I don't want to waste your time, I don't want to waste your time. I just want to say...Room On Fire
Can't you see I'm trying? I don't even like it...Is This It?
Watched her as she wiped her eyes; you don't make me sorry...Room On Fire
Say a prayer now, don't be scared now...First Impressions of Earth
Two can be complete without the rest of the world...First Impressions of Earth
I want to be forgotten, and I don't want to be reminded...Room On Fire
Was an honest man. Asked me for the phone; tried to take control...Is This It?
I was just sitting there, time in hand, I will be the one...B-sides
When they say promises, they mean promises...Room On Fire
Oh, (song title), oh, things ain't what they used to be...B-sides (cover)
Here in the streets of American nights...Is This It?
Some people think they're always right...First Impressions of Earth
That was you up on the mountain, all alone and all surrounded...Room On Fire
He seemed impressed by the way you came in...Room On Fire
Right, wrong, what to do. Someday, it will come to you...First Impressions of Earth
So many fish, there in the sea. I wanted you, you wanted me...Room On Fire
In many ways, they'll miss the good old days...Is This It?
No choice now, it's too late...Is This It?
Everybody sees me, but it's not that easy...First Impressions of Earth
Now we're out of time, I said it's my fault, it's my fault...Room On Fire
Oh with strangers to impress so near...First Impressions of Earth
I think I know what you mean but watch what you say...First Impressions of Earth
They love you or they hate you, but they will never let you be...First Impressions of Earth
She was still sleeping, the problem will stay one more day...Room On Fire
You said you couldn't stay, you've seen it all before, I know...Is This It?
What are we gonna do now...B-sides (cover)
Won't decide, but he won't debate. Said, 'Thanks my friend,' but he was too late... B-sides
(Song title) always have to go...B-sides
Talk to me now I'm older. Your friend told you 'cause I told her...Room On Fire
How did anybody find out where I was? How did anybody find that out?First Impressions of Earth
Knowing you, you wait for (song title)...B-sides
Oh the (song title), that's what I call love...First Impressions of Earth
One by one, ticking time bombs won. It's not the secrets of the government that's making you dumb...Room On Fire
I didn't take no shortcuts, I spent the money that I saved up...Is This It?

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