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Where did Meredith meet Derek?
What was Derek wearing when Meredith 'took advatage' of him?
What does Derek tell Meredith he likes about Seattle?
What did Meredith find out on the season finale of season 1?
Who does Derek pick at first Meredith or Addison?
What does Meredith lose after having sex with Derek?
'I want to be ____ and shiny'
Derek says he wants to live to be ____ and die in Meredith's arms.
What does Meredith build Derek in season 4?
What does Derek hit with a baseball bat in front of Meredith??
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Who do Meredith and Derek give their wedding to?
What do Meredith and Derek get married on?
What does Derek draw on Meredith's wall?
What is the name of the child they adopt?
What does Meredith test positive for?
When Zola comes, who does Meredith think is at the door?
What is the adjective used to describe Meredith's uterus?
Who gives Derek the ring?
What does Meredith and Derek name their second child?
Meredith has trouble giving birth because she fell down what?

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