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Can you name the The Edgewood Ballers?

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Children or JobName
Pool Manager
Clubhouse Manager
Catering Director
Ballin lifeguard
Cook #1
Cook #2
Everyone's favorite caddy
Filter boy
California Girl
Alumnus lifeguard
Guard now basically member
Best lifeguard in history
Phantom Pooper
Ryan, Alison
J.T., Ellie
Diana, Janette
Will, George, Maria
Patrick, William, John
Nicolas, Daren
Children or JobName
Christine, Kelly
Andrew, Ryan, Kevin, Irene
Tommy, Abbie, Emma
Shane, Quinn, Caroline
Thomas, Kevin, Greg
Kendal, Bryce
Maria, Dominick, Grace
William, Connor
Jane, Elizabeth
William, Sam, James
Conor, Brendan
Max, Haley
Huge ****
Cutoff hero
Erin, John, Patrick
Juliette, Jack
Katie, Anne, Maggie
Marisol, Cameron, Savannah
Billy, Bobby
Cole, Elliana, Cooper

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