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Can you name the UK to US meanings of words?

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Potato snacks accompanied by fish or pieCrisps
Wheaty/Chocolatey treats one should dunk in ones teaScone(also goes well with tea)
To errm, make something higher?Elevator
Leaflet you get with say a telly to inform you how to properly work itDirections
FootwearTrunk of a car
Something a 19th Century baby might wearHood
Something you sit in front of and are entertained to an extentTV
Someone who takes the solo path to sexual pleasure, chokes his chicken, jerks his gherkin e.t.cStrange that there actually isn't one because america is basically 250 million of these
To make loveScrew,F*ck
Place of refreshmentBar
Something you pour on a bloke you don't like and put a match to I mean you put it in your car to make it goGasoline
Large cup for tea/coffeeSucker
Land owned by one person passed on in his/her willStation Wagon
Shoes designed for sporting activitiesSneakers
A place where cowboys would drink then fightSedan
Four legged pet that isn't a dogA, how do I put this, ladies nether reigons

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