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Kid whose parents are murdered becomes a badass hero
Deer's mummy is shot
Cops ponder what you would do if they came for you
Crook meets a fat kid who thinks he's father christmas and becomes nice
Dead couple are trapped in their own house and meet a messed up goth kid
Jack Black remakes some movies and every now and then finds time for a joke
Eddie Murphy gets thrown through a window and solves crime back when he was still funny
Adam Sandler looks after the kids from 'the suite life' and pisses up a wall
I haven't got clue what's going on, but Ewan McGregor is in it and it's directed by Tim Burton
Two dudes go on ana dventure in a time machine that in no way resembles the one from Doctor Who
'The calls are coming from insied the house!'
Evil witch kills kids with an axe
Two terminally ill men do everything they've ever wanted too before they kick the bucket
Homosexual Austrian try's to make it big in Hollywood
Basically American James Bond who can' remember a lot
Harrison Ford hunts down 'replicants' in 2019 L.A in the best sci fi ever.
Wesley Snipes kills vampires
Evil sheep Aaagh!
Evil Water Aaagh!
Evil mass of nothing in particular in 50's America Aaagh!

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