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How many playable characters have appeared in 3 separate games? (Remakes, Spotpass, and DLC not inclusive, Press space after entering the number)
What is the minimum damage the Fire Dragon in FE7 will do?
Name the only recruitable character in the series unable to use all 3 types of Anima magic until promotion.
In what game does Jake first appear?
What is the highest base might a weapon can have in Awakening?
What weapon does a summoner's phantom use?
How many possible Gold Knights can you have in FE15? (Not including Pitchforks)
What lance is Azura holding in her portrait?
In how many games are Thieves able to promote? (Press space after entering the number)
Ophelia's Missiletainn is actually what spell?
In the FE6 manga, the main character is named...
Name the only pirate in Sacred Stones.
Who was the first Swordmaster?
What tome in Radiant dawn has the highest Hit Rate?
This character is able to get the only Brave Bow in FE5
The skill Blossom is personal to who?
What is the maximum damage the Eclipse tome can do?
Name Nergal's three morph sages.
Name one of the Holy Weapons that are completely unusable in FE4
What game introduced Supports?
Name the only legendary tome first introduced in Awakening?
What is the only dark tome in Fates?
Who is the true heir to Daein?
Seliph gains negative love points with what character?
What two characters were called 'Sword Saints'?

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