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Can You Name the A Cappella Arrangement From a Few Syllables?

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1. Headlining this year's SoJam XV after a name change
2. Sung at the 2015 ICCA Finals
3. Sung twice at the 2014 ICCA Finals...but not by them
4. Live televised a cappella remix
5. The end was just the beginning
6. Most Winningest ICCA Group
7. Usually sampled live on stage
8. The Chorus Makes sense after 6 Million YouTube views
9. Self Explanatory
10. Many groups have covered this song...
11. Nominated for 3 CARAs & appeared on Voices Only and Sing 10
12. Game Over
13. The Voice before it was on NBC
14. The Best A Cappella Video On The Internet; don't snark at me!
15. Written in France and performed by NYC's best
HintSong TitleGroup
16. Sounds lovely this time of year
17. 2nd place never sounded so good
18. Rock band with original music? Sounds like our kind of 'House' band
19. Glad this collab happened before they 'went home'
20. Look out, now!
21. Children at their feet
22. Old School Punk
23. Woah.
24. Weighty, Powerful, Impactful
27. Italian supergroup that 'ghosted' us
28. An appropriate 'warble'
27. Where MR's inspiration came from
28. Written in 1939 by Solomon Linda in Zulu
29. I could watch this forever
30. ...And a generation of syllables were born...

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