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Can You Guess The A Cappella Arrangement From A Few Syllables?

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1. Not the one from Brandeis
2. Pro Bass feature on a Collegiate track
3. Best Female Collegiate Song & Arrangement CARA, 2014
4. The show that lit the fuse
5. You ain't seen nothing like 'em in any amusement hall
6. Where do they all come from?
7. A Cover of a Cover
8. Sing 'Ta na na'
9. Shoot me?
10. This group's tenor fit in well with Ben & Sara
11. Though not poisonous, it is appropriately 'crunchy'
12. Do it!
13. Piece of cake!
HintSong TitleGroup
14. ...I think I feel it...
15. Hope you brought an umbrella
16. Prefix-awesome?
17. More love is what we need!
18. No, not the Beach Boys
19. long as you're not vegetarian
20. From their debut EP
21. Written by Dean Friedman & covered by the Blenders. Are you lovin' it?
22. Genre: Heavy Pedal
23. Hope it doesn't 'burn, burn, burn' too badly
24. This track made it on BOCA, Voices Only, SING, and won some CARAS
25. 'Traces' from before they were...
26. How do you say 'JK' in Italian?

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