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Encrypted and sent along with the rest of a message for comparison at receiving end
BI Generation 5: Pie-in-the-sky, Autopilot, BI Products calibrate business processes for optimal results
International recommendations on banking laws and regulations
BI Generation 1: Historical, static, data warehouses, data marts, CRM. First-time business people could pay with data directly, without IT’s help
Statement on standards for attestation engagements, supersedes SAS 70, international compliance, o Greater emphasis on system description rather than just controls
Evaluation of evidence regarding reliability and integrity of a system
State of accordance with a set of specificiations
BI Generation 3: Real time automated decision making. Instant reaction to failing marketing campaigns. Website traffic, sales optimization, financial market changes
Opinion on accuracy of description of controls, and suitability of their design to achieve their objectives
Defines professional standards used by a service auditor,  Provide outsourcing services that impact the control environment of their customers
BI Generation 2: Near-real-time capability. Production processes, call center volume, POS data, inventory, transaction volumes & GIS, Facebook ads, Google analytics. Lean managemen
Leadership, Talent Management, Technology, Decision-making, Company Culture
True or False: Productivity is difficult to measure
U.S. law establishes new or enhanced standards for corporate accountability and penalties for corporate wrongdoing
Analytics requires a ______ strategy
____ _______ decisions tend to be better decisions
Increase internal and public accountability, make company run properly
BI Generation 4: Hypothetical strategies with real data: Marketing campaigns, product design, risk management, distributed computing
Because of ___ ____, managers can measure, and hence know, radically more about their businesses, and directly translate that knowledge into improved decision making and performanc

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