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What was the Persian policy of imperialism named?
The word imperialism is derived from the latin word imperare meaning what?
Imperialism began in Europe in what century?
The policy of imperialism in China was named what?
A well known historical example of European imperialism occurred where?
This revolution led to advancements in transportation and communication due to inventions such as the steam engine
Name a European nation that is known for its imperialistic policies?
By 1900, Britain ruled how many subjects around the globe?
What was the driving factor in European imperialism?
What conference, held from 1884-1885, failed to mediate imperial competition?
What was the first nation to firmly establish colonies on the African continent?
Even as late as the 1870s, European countries still controlled only what percentage of the African continent?
Name one of the only two states independent of European control by 1914
The necessary expansion of capitalism beyond the boundaries of nation-states was favored by what Russian leader?
The area along the Congo River was to be administered by Leopold II of Belgium as a neutral area, know as the?
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What African nation was occupied by British forces in 1882, followed by Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda?
Name one industry over which the Second Boer War was fought
The 1898 Fashoda Incident brought Britain and France to the verge of war, but proved to be a major strategic victory for what European nation?
The new German power in 1905 sought to test the solidity of Entente Cordiale (1904) in what previously uncontested African nation?
What conference was held to settle the Moroccan Crises?
By 1825, the areas controlled by Spain in what continent gained their independence?
The UK was in conflict with what country for trading rights in South America?
The famous trading route from China to Europe was named what?
What term is defined as extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy?
What queen was declared empress of India in 1876?
What religion did Europeans try to impose on other nations?
Before 1875, what percent of Africa was under European control?
What was the first nation to outlaw slavery in Europe?
Japan was forced to open up trade in the middle of what century?
What term is defined as exaggerated, bellicose patriotism and a belief in national superiority and glory?

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