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QUIZ: Can you name these Eurovision Song Contest entries based on the title given when all of the vowels have been removed from the name?

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Song Without Vowels (Country & Year)Song With VowelsPlace
KDVSM (Hungary 2013)10
NLY LV SRVVS (Ireland 2013)26
SHK T (Greece 2004)3
MSTCH (France 2014)26
CLM FTR TH STRM (The Netherlands 2014)2
RN ND HD (Germany 2005)24
WTRL (Sweden 1974)1
DNTTT (Albania 2013)15 - SF
L L LV (Cyprus 2012)16
WHT'S NTHR YR? (Ireland 1980)1
STRN RPN FNK (Lithuania 2010)12 - SF
'M STLL LV (Slovakia 2011)13 - SF
D FR Y (Greece 2001)3
FRYTL (Norway 2009)1
N-N (Slovenia 2011)13
Song Without Vowels (Country & Year)Song With VowelsPlace
TH VC (Ireland 1996)1
MKNG YR MND P (United Kingdom 1981)1
H H... JST LTTL BT (United Kingdom 1996)8
FL TH PSSN (Albania 2011)14 - SF
Q M QTN L BL (Spain 2011)23
VRY WY THT CN (Turkey 2003)1
WK MT DM PP (Austria 2012)18 - SF
VN RML (Czech Republic 2009)18 - SF
HST L VST (Belarus 2008)17 - SF
HMNHM (France 1981)3
RFRN (Switzerland 1956)1
NCTRN (Norway 1995)1
NVR LT Y G (Russia 2006)2
RM RM LY (Turkey 2005)13
RCK M BBY (Yugoslavia 1989)1

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