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On the plus ----, you have a ton of room for improvement.
You know -------, Jon Snow.
Just so you know, these comments get ------- the better you do.
That right there was the work of -------- intellect.
Ooof, that was -----, but hey practice makes perfect.
You tried and you failed. Lesson is, ----- try.
Sensational! Your ------- must be so proud of you.
------- are looking for brains. Don't worry. You're safe.
A ---- is as good as a mile. But, just so we're clear, that was a mile.
Maybe you should wait to take quizzes until after your morning ------.
Failure doesn't mean you are a failure... It just means you haven't --------- yet.
Failure is the --------- that gives success its flavour.
--------. 9/10 dentists agree you are the BEST.
Looks like you've got all your ----- in a... crowd.
------ Level: Einstein

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