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Can you name the Disney characters described by these clues?

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Which robot is programmed to heal the sick and poorly?
What was the first ever animation to feature Mickey Mouse?
Which princess does Aladdin help?
Who is the stripy tiger in A.A. Milne's books and Disney's films?
TRUE OR FALSE: Olaf does not melt in Summer.
Name any of the seven dwarfs.
What is the name of Elsa's giant snowguard?
What is the name of the land prince that Ariel falls for?
Which group of singers narrate 'Hercules'?
What is the name of the purple high-tech car in 'Cars 2'?
What does BNL stand for?
What are the furry balls of fluff called on the site 'Club Penguin'?
What does Mulan say her name is when she joins the army?
Does Elsa qualify as an official Disney princess?
What is Rapunzel's chameleon called?
Which glitch's code was removed from 'Sugar Rush'?

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