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Can you name the letters of the alphabet described by these clues?

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This is the first letter of a place that it a girl's name, a US state and a country.
This is the first letter of a YouTuber's name. This YouTuber is a gamer and is notorious for his 'Yeeeeooooo!' at the start of all of his videos.
If go to the start and the end of the alphabet, you will find... (HINT: I'm being sneaky with this one!)
What is the first letter of the first month?
People don't like to go outside when it is raining because they do not want to get _et.
Which letters starts the alphabet?
The first letter f a place where you goo to see animals such as Lions or Koalas.
On a QWERTY keyboard, what lies directly below Y?
The final vowel.
If you draw a line that is over two metres long, your teacher may say it is very _ong.
The first letter of a pretty thing you will find in fields and meadows.
What is in the middle of middle and at the end of end?
The chemical symbol for Pottasium.
Which letter is to the left of the two black keys on a piano?
A vowel in Spanish but not in English.
This is the first letter of a country that is considered to have been the birthplace of Jesus Christ.
What is the last letter of the last month?
What letter precedes U in a vast majority of its words?
After R, before Z. Do ther clues to eliminate this down to one choice.
Every year on your birthday, you become one year _lder.
The country that created tacos starts with this letter.
What is the first letter of the continent with Bulgaria in it?
Probably the least useful letter in the English language, almost at the end of the alphabet but not quite.
Which letter is at the start of the name of the type of ghost found in the Super Mario franchise?
Which letter lies below H and J and between B and M on a standard QWERTY keyboard?
The first letter of the desert found in the North of Africa.

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