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Who is depicted on the NotGraphs logo?
Who won the Mike Trout Award last year?
Who is most often inserted into Literature?
Which player has received the most extensive bat flip coverage?
Who wrote the first NotGraphs post?
What team does Navin Vaswani root for?
What team did David Temple adopt in 2013?
What is the verb associated with images in NotGraphs?
Who was the subject of the first Feast Day?
What statistic did Zach Reynolds invent?
What is the first object to have surrounded a man?
Which player's nickname was chosen as 'Hot Lettuce'?
Who was the first choice in the 2013 NotGraphantasy draft?
Who won the long-running Baseball Card Tournament?
What term does Dale Thayer use to describe his beer?
Who did Banknotes Harper fire for failing to improve his margins?
What statistic did Dan Reichert lead the league in three years ago?
Who killed Mike Bates's laptop in 2013?
Who did Hopeless Joe pay $50 in his auction for in 2013?
Who is believed to have delivered Carson Cistulli's newspaper?
Who wrote the foreward for Craig Robinson's book, Flip Flop Fly Ball?
Who, according to Google, is the reason you're wearing this rain jacket?
What power does John Olerud's helmet impart upon its wearer?
What nation did Mississippi Matt Smith use to transform people's names?
According to 'Drinking with Boileryard Clarke', who is the Mayor of Busytown?
Who is the worst?

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