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Oooohhh! Pink kitten decorations on sale at Walmart! Must go!
Just bought 7 Nimbus 2001s at Quality Quidditch Supplies, 6 for the Slytherin Quidditch team!
Just killed a snake w/ a sword!Yes!Took me quite a few hours to find the sword.
My ex finally came back to my school! An hour later, I've fallen off a banister, some bozo bites me, and now I don't have a body.
My new book, Phineas Black:Prodigious or Prejudiced?, will be out next month!
I have now(accidentally)eaten a belly button lint-flavored Bertie Botts for the 185th time.I will now donate my supply of them to Honeydukes of Hogsmeade.
Zacharias Smith ticked me off so much today I used my Bat-Bogey hex on kim I inveted 3 years ago
What a night! I felt so tired from this teaching crap I turned into a cat and slept longer than usual
Reg,Maisie, Ellie,Alfred, an I are leaving U.K.! Good luck, finding us, Umbridge, Thicknesse, and Yaxley! Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!
What a day today's been.'Arry Potter was on my bus !
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I will be giving out discounted copies of Holidays with Hags in Hogsmeade to any who can get every question on my test right!
I have seen into the future! A new joke shop will open in Diagon Alley
I killed Sirius BIack! l kiIIed Sirius Black!
If only my fellow professors would believe that Potter petrified my cat.
I hate Grindylows. They cause my older sister to forfit a task of a tournament!
I know where my loyalties lie now that the love of my life is dead!
I have a photo to prove that Blibbering Humdingers do exist! I'll tag it when I can
My girlfriend Penelope broke up with me because somebody( I think I know who) used a special quill to call her a (excuse my language) Mudblood
Go Chudley Cannons! I have total faith in you!
If I was a muggle, I would be a female wrestler.

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