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Can you complete the events that occurred in Germany during each year of the interwar era (1918-1939)?

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1918Following the Hundred Days Offensive, Kaiser Wilhelm II flees, and ___ proclaims the German Republic on the 9th of November
1919The death of Rosa Luxembourg at the hands of __ sent to quell the Spartactist uprising makes her a martyr to the left
1920Dr __ attempts a right wing putsch in Berlin, but fails due to a strike
1921Germany signs a separate peace treaty with the ___, a belligerent nation which was not in, but associated with the Allies in the War
1922The young 'Weimar' Republic finds an unlikely ally in the also internationally ostracised USSR, and they sign the Treaty of _
1923Far-right politician and demagogue Adolf Hitler attempts a Beer Hall Putsch in Munich with General __, who is acquitted later
1924Following hyperinflation and economic collapse, a loan plan is created by it's namesake, US Vice-President __ to help Germany pay her reparations
1925___ becomes president of Germany, and would maintain that post until his death
1926Germany formally joins the new ___ after reconciliatory talks between France and Germany
1927Fritz Lang's silent film masterpiece, Metropolis is released, becoming the defining film of the style of ___
1928Die Dreigroschenoper, or the Three Penny Opera premiers, featuring a German version of the song ___, later becoming a singles hit in English decades afterwards
1929The German airship, the ____ makes the first circumnavigation of the Northern Hemisphere
1930The last ___ troops evacuate the Rhineland, occupied by their country and the Allies since the end of the War
1931Adolf Hitler's half-niece and supposed mistress ___ is found dead; the official verdict is suicide
1932The odd denomination of currency, the __ is minted by the German Government in the midst of the Great Depression
1933Following Adolf Hitler's appointment as chancellor, the Reichstag goes up in flames, and blame is officially put on a __ communist found near the scene
1934Austrian Nazis attempting to stage a coup d'├ętat in Vienna murder Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss; in response Mussolini sends troops to the ____, on the border of Austria
1935Hitler breaks another of the impositions of the Treaty of Versailles by re-introducing ___ this year
1936Leni Riefenstahl is invited by Hitler to film the 1936 Berlin Games, and the work of hers, ___, premieres in time for Hitler's birthday
1937The German ____'s Luftwaffe wing famously bombs the town of Guernica in the Republican-held Basque region
1938When Austrian Chancellor ___ holds a plebiscite over accession into the Reich, German troops enter Austria and Hitler proclaims the Anschluss two days later
1939On the morning of the 1st of September this year, the German battleship __ began bombarding the Westerplatte Forts, beginning the Second World War in Europe

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