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Can you complete the events that occurred in France during each year of the interwar era (1918-1939)?

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1918The Armistice to end the Great War is signed in the Forest of _
1919The Treaties of Versailles, Saint-Germain, and _ are signed at the Paris Peace Conference this year.
1920Two more peace Treaties, called the Treaties of Trianon and _ are signed this year.
1921For his service in the Great War, ___, known as the Lion of Verdun, is made a Maréchal of France
1922For the first time since after the War, a colonial exposition is held, in _
1923Following Germany's failure to pay it's reparations, French and _ troops occupy the Ruhr industrial region of Germany, causing a general strike
1924The Games of the _ Olympiad are hosted in Paris; Germany is still banned from competing.
1925The Exposition des __ is held in Paris, celebrating it's namesake avant-garde artform
1926Following the Treaties of _, Aristide Briand meets with German minister Gustav Stresemann for a Franco-German reconciliation
1927American aviator Charles Lindbergh, also known as __ in the press, lands in Paris after a 33 and a half hour solo flight across the Atlantic
1928The __ Pact is signed in Paris to outlaw aggressive warfare
1929Construction on the __ begins in an effort to defend France's eastern frontier from a future war with Germany
1930The last French troops occupying the German Rhineland leave following Germany's accepting of the _ Plan.
1931The largest French _ exposition yet is staged in Paris, featuring human zoos and faux temples
1932The World Disarmament Conference begins at _, but polarisation between France and Germany halts progress
1933France signs the Four Power Pact with Britain, Germany, and _
1934Right-wing groups riot on the Place de la _ in Paris, leading to 16 deaths
1935A Referendum in the _ Basin sees the territory vote overwhelmingly to join Germany, after 15 years of French and League of Nations administration
1936Léon Blum heads a new left wing coalition government known as the __ that would collapse within two years
1937The Palais du _, built in 1878, is demolished to make way for the new Palais de Chaillot for the 1937 Exposition
1938French Prime Minister __ signs the Munich Agreement dooming Czechoslovakia to it's fate, with Chamberlain, Mussolini, and Hitler
1939War is declared on Germany on the _ of September following the German invasion of Poland

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