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Forced Order
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Tracy and Alan's father
The make of his car
What Alan is wearing when he hugs Doug
'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas — Except _______.'
Alan is not supposed to be within 200 feet of
Stu's occupation
His girlfriend's name
Where the guys stay in Vegas
Where Stu tells his girlfriend they're staying
Stu says he plans to do this after Doug's wedding
With this
On the roof, Alan thinks he is putting this in the Jägermeister
But it is actually this
The next morning, Alan finds this in the bathroom
Stu is missing this body part
They discover that this person is missing
They find this in the closet
Alan names it this
Its real name
What Alan calls his 'man-purse'
The men discover that they have stolen this vehicle
Stu gets married to this woman
The location where they were married
The first one to get tazed
The police officer's nickname for Alan
What Alan finds in the back seat of the car
What is in the trunk
Who the men find in their room
What he is listening to
Who he knocks out
The astronomical occurrence that Alan is concerned about missing
Amount of money the men must find to get Doug back
Who the kidnappers actually kidnapped
His suggested name for 'Roofies'
Where they find Doug
First song the band at the wedding plays

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