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Can you name the answers to these questions drawn from the Twin Peaks franchise?

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Original air date of the series (M D, YYYY)
Supernatural place where Special Agent Dale Cooper remains at the end of the series
Hiding place where Dr. Jacoby's cassette recording of Laura Palmer was found
Place where Jean Renault is killed
Age that Nadine claims she is after waking up from her coma
Famous poem from the series recited by the one-armed man
MIKE inhabits this traveling shoe salesman
Native American deputy in Twin Peaks
Fictional soap opera that is frequently shown throughout the series
Former member of the Bookhouse Boys, hired by Josie Packard to arrange the 'murder' of Andrew Packard
Department that Dick Tremayne works in
Shelly Johnson gives this to Chief Gordon Cole at the RR Diner
Message written in lipstick on Agent Chester Desmond's car in the film, and is also mentioned in the series
Annie Blackburn is abducted by Windom Earle after the conclusion of this pagaent
The two love interests of Big Ed Hurley
Brothel located north of the border in Canada, and is owned by Benjamin Horne
Person who shoots Special Agent Dale Cooper at The Great Northern
The third person at Jacque Renault's cabin
Local bar frequented by the Twin Peaks locals
Andrew Packard and Pete Martell use a key to unlock this, only to find a bomb waiting for them
Country that Special Agent Dale Cooper expresses his fascination with several times
Big Ed Hurley's relation to James
Hometown of Maddy Ferguson
Name of Jacque Renault's deceased bird
Name of Donna Hayward's youngest sister, who is a talented pianist
Actor who portrays Audrey Horne's love interest in Season 2
The translation of Harold Smith's suicide note reads:
They're not what they seem
When the Man from Another Place asks 'do you know who I am?', he replies:
Donna Hayward's biological father
Country where the business investors, whom Audrey scares away, reside
Norma Jennings's mother's profession
Who Benjamin Horne believes he is during his 'breakdown'
Name of the crossdressing FBI agent portrayed by David Duchovny
Dubbed name for cases involving the supernatural; Chief Gordon Cole refers to the murder of Teresa Banks as one of these
Who Catherine Martell comes back as after believed to be dead
Who Lucy Moran decides should be the father of her child
The Giant takes this from Special Agent Dale Cooper during one of his dreams
The two planets that play an important role in the opening of the lodges
Type of trees that symbolize the entrance to the Waiting Room
Special Agent Dale Cooper's final words from the series, spoken in The Great Northern
The Man from Another Place wishes to collect this from BOB; meaning 'pain and sorrow'

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