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Can you name the cars that will be hitting showrooms across the UK in 2010/11??

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HintModel name
Alfa Romeo: Replacement for the 147. Last minute change of name from the Milano
Aston Martin: Exotic take on the Porsche Panamera four-door coupe theme
Aston Martin: 1.2m pounds supercar
Audi: Open-top version of the R8
Bentley: Successor to the stately Arnage
Citroen: Classier C3
Ferrari: Replacement for the F430
Honda: Claimed as the 'World's 1st sports hybrid' but not actually that quick
Honda: Hottest version yet of the Civic
Jaguar: Newly revised model with a distinctive rear end
Kia: Mid-size crossover SUV
Lamborghini: Update on Lambo's most-produced model, but 'superlight'
Lexus: Five-door only with a hybrid powertrain for CO2 emissions below 100g/km
HintModel name
Lexus: Japanese supercar has the handling, performance and soundtrack — and a huge price
Maserati: Based on the 434bhp V8 S, but open top
McLaren: 500bhp V8-powered
Mercedes: The Gullwing is back for the 21st century
Mini: More everyday proposition than the Clubman
Nissan: Funky 'anti'car'
Noble: Destined to be a supercar superstar with up to 600bhp
Peugeot: Seven-seat MPV to take on the Vauxhall Zafira and VW Touran
Peugeot: Rival for the Audi TT with a 'Double bubble' roof
Porsche: “The most sporting 911 yet” is Porsche’s bold claim
Rolls-Royce: 'Baby' Rolls at 5.4m in length and 2400kg
Seat: 261bhp channelled through the front wheels
VW: Replacement for R32

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